Why Buy this Tool?

Do you or your team open truckloads of drums every day? Fill large quanities of drums and pails every day? ... then this is the tool for you! This tool is made with high quality aerospace Aluminum. The material is annealed in such a way that for maximum strength the two components cannot be welded with traditional methods and need to be fastened. The drum tool contact piece is actually stronger than mild steel. Improper machining or welding can significantly reduce its strength. Works will all drum bungs we could find! There are many other driver drum bung wrenches out there that only do some bungs and cost over $250 to $300. This tool is composed of all nonsparking materials and is suitable for Class I Div I, II and Class II Div I,II environments. If you buy one and break it, we will replace it at our expense ... "if" you send us the part back to review and any pictures of how it was broken we also reimburse reasonable shipping costs as well.

Universal Drum Tool

Design protected by US Patent D 955,192 S